Hey all! My name is Alexandrea Eischeid. I am a wife, mom, photographer, and lover of cheese. Some of my many talents include reciting every Will Ferrell movie ever made, the ability to eat cheeseburgers everyday, and I am also fluent in squirrel. Hah, no but really..I am such a lover. I love animals, children, nature, and most of all- love itself. Love makes anything possible and I try to put all my love into each and every shoot.

A little about my background- I was born and raised in Oklahoma. Boomer Sooner! I am married to the most wonderful and supportive man ever and we have one son together, Benjamin. We also have a cat, Theo, a golden doodle, Larry David (LD for short), and a chameleon, Nongo. Shortly after Brian and I had our son, Benjamin, I picked up my DSLR and constantly started taking pictures of him. Needless to say, I quickly fell in love and I wanted to learn everything there was to know about my camera. With the support of my husband, I decided to venture out and start my own small business. Here I am, over 4 years later, and I could not be any happier! My business is growing steadily and I can see my progress with every shoot that I do. 

Photography for me, is about constantly learning, and constantly creating. I prefer to take a natural approach to photography. I have found that those candid moments between people tells a much sweeter story of who they really are. My goal is not to just have "clients" but to build lifelong relationships. I love people and I love being able to show my passion for life and all of it's beautiful moments through my art.