Frequently Asked Questions


Q: So how does this all work?

A: We start with booking your date and going over all of the little details about our session together. At that time, the client pays the session fee which covers the time and talent of the photographer. Fast forward some and we have our fun, awesome, and amazing session together! After about 2 weeks, the photographer will have your proofing gallery ready and the client will pick their desired package. Next, I will send you your final gallery and/or products for you to enjoy for a lifetime! 

Q: When should I book my session?

A: Every session is different! For a general portrait session, it is best to schedule 1-2 months in advance. Maternity sessions are best to shoot around 32 weeks along, so that mom to be isn't too worn out! I shoot newborn sessions within the first two weeks after birth so it is best to get in contact with me during your pregnancy. If you have already had your baby though, do not hesitate to get in contact with me and we can figure out the best plan for us.

Q: What do I wear?

A: Every shoot is different! What we wear and the look we want to go for is going to be different for everyone. The location of our shoot is going to be the biggest factor in what you wear. This is something that I will go over with everyone separately. The biggest things to avoid? Bright neon colors, clothing with big logos, and "matchy matchy clothing". 

Q: What if I have to reschedule our session together?

A: Not a problem! There are many things that we cannot control in life and I am completely understandable. Whether it is someone getting sick or the weather is being uncooperative, we can always have a plan B. I only schedule a certain amount of sessions a week just in case we run into these kinds of situations. 

Q: Do you have props to use?

A: I have a variety of props to choose from, especially for small children. I think props can add a lot of variety to a session but my philosophy is "less is more". I think that the subject should be the main focus of a shot. I don't want my subject to be bombarded with a ton of props, and I think my photos speak to that simplistic look. 

Q: What if my desired shoot/ venue is outside of Norman?

A: Not a problem! For any desired venue or session location that is 25 miles outside of my office, I charge 50 cents per mile traveled. I am also available for long distance travel. Please inquire with me for any destination work.